Who we are

Welcome to Carbitrage

The Carbitrage project is a love note to car enthusiasts around the world. From our homebase in Minnesota, our heart is not on the East Coast or West Coast but rather in The North. We are setting out to prove that despite our differences geographically, fiscally or what niche you’re specifically into, car enthusiasts around the world love cars for the same reasons. Our entire project is funded by the support of our Patreon Patrons and we can not do it without them.

The Carbitrage project is the culmination of two high school friends, Ryan and Erik. Coming from polar opposites of the automotive spectrum, they quickly noticed not only their differences but their similarities, namely that a car that is fun and exciting to own is more important than the gizmos or the sticker price. Over a dozen years later, they agreed that a podcast would be a fun project. That soon expanded from just the podcast into the Carbitrage website and Twitch stream.

We embrace the love of the automobile as a whole, be it a Mitsubishi Mirage or a Lamborghini Countach. All that matters is the love the car and the emotion it provides. We embrace all forms of car culture from grassroots car meets to professional motorsport. It is a strongly held belief here at Carbitrage that enjoying the drive is infinitely more important than what you drive.


Meet the Staff

Ryan Senensky, Podcast Co-Host and Editor-at-Large
Ryan comes from a background of Japanese cars, writing for several outlets. His taste in cars is often too esoteric for his own good but, if he can be reined in, sometimes he can be entertaining.


Erik Berger, Podcast Co-Host

Erik has been fooling around with German cars since he was a teenager. Originally he created the Ovalbore YouTube channel to document his trials in the garage and has expanded it into a trusted outlet for how-to videos and updates on his projects.
Currently he is on a crusade to rid the world of improperly spec’ed BMWs from their automatic transmissions.

Jana Duggan, Podcast Co-Host

Our resident Anthropologist and the final corner of the trifecta that is Carbitrage. She has a valuable role reigning in Ryan and Erik when they go too far off the rails and is our connoisseur of all vehicles cute and small. When not thumbing her nose at people who buy unnecessary pickup trucks, she is proving that a minivan can save the world with her trusty Sienna sidekick, Bandit.

Cory Carlsen, Sound Engineer

Early on in the history of Carbitrage, Cory was carried away by wolves during the Great Blizzard of April, 2018. He has since been in intense outpatient therapy, occasionally he can be seen in the background. We hope for a full recovery in due time.


Darren Brooke, Pacific Northwest Correspondent

Tyson Noel, Minnesota Photographer