In this episode we run down our complete automotive histories. It is long but if you get to the end we have the Fiat 126 Polski take on the Datsun 510 in World Cup of Cars


In this episode we run down our complete automotive histories. Berger takes up about half the episode naming nearly every BMW that has entered the state of Minnesota in the last decade and Ryan lists his history of odd ball Japanese cars, some more desirable than others.


We ponder what the best year in automotive history has been thus far. Surprisingly Ryan and Berger are very close in their choice of years. We also explain our reasoning for our choices. This is followed by news of Harley Davidson trying desperately to attract new buyers with fresh new “hip” designs.

Fiat 126p vs Datsun 510

The World Cup of Cars features a battle of the peoples cars when Poland’s Fiat 126p puts up a valiant fight against the Datsun 510. Both of these people movers have the heart of their homeland behind them along with racing pedigrees a mile long and extensive aftermarket support but only one can prevail.

To listen to MotorCult Episode 36 click on the link below

MotorCult Episode 36

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