On this episode of the MotorCult podcast, we talk Bells Oberon Wheat Ale, the upcoming Goodwood festival of speed. We have a brief run down on our vehicle histories and we do the $50,000 bringatrailer challenge. The World Cup of Cars includes Sweden vs South Korea, Belgium vs Panama and Tunisia vs UK. For Interesting Engineering Erik talks Fiat VVT system (Multi-air).

MotorCult Studio

On this episode of the MotorCult podcast we are back in the studio and Erik drinks a seltzer water. Ryan drinks a Bells Oberon, a delicious Wheat Ale that he sees regularly at bars says ‘mmm that’s a good beer’ and gets something else. Ryan’s laptop then freezes for the entire episode.

darracq 200hp goodwood

We talk about the Goodwood Festival of Speed coming up this weekend. If you’ve never heard of Goodwood, it’s a rolling Concours d’Elegance. People with balls significantly larger than ours wheel some of the best cars in the world at ten tenths up the best driveway in the world.


The Patreon topic of this week is a shortened version of a question requesting our vehicle histories. We cut the list down to the three most significant cars in our history because Erik’s list is nearly 100 cars long and you probably don’t want to hear Ryan make a list of every Honda Accord that exists in Minnesota.

Our big topic this episode is our first car buying challenge. We hypothetically come up with what our choices are if we had $50,000 to purchase a car or cars off of Bring-a-Trailer. Erik selects a couple of Mercedes products and Ryan elects to purchase a glut of wedge shaped sports cars from the 1980’s in conjunction with his favorite classic Toyota, the RT40 Toyota Corona.


The World Cup of Cars continues with Sweden taking on South Korea with the Koenigsegg Regera versus the Ollium Spirra. Belgium’s Gillet Vertigo takes on a Panamanian Ponzy scheme. The Tunisian Wallyscar Iziz takes on the pride of the UK, the Austin Allegro McLaren F1, even though we had a facebook poll where everyone said the original Mini Cooper was the best British car.

fiat 500 abarth multiair

Finally for Interesting Engineering, Erik teaches us about Fiat’s infinitely adjustable, and shockingly reliable Multi-air variable valve timing and lift adjustment system.

Check out the link below for the SoundCloud podcast otherwise find us on YouTube and iTunes.

MotorCult Episode 30

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