On this episode of the MotorCult podcast, Ryan and I welcome Charles Miller to talk racing and his experience with a V10 Tourareg daily driver. The Alfa 4C hard top has been discontinued. Tesla hits 5,000 units a week production… in a tent in their parking lot. We talk about MotorCult’s fabulous idea of doing a cruise control based racing series. world cup of cars continues with Costa Rico vs Croatia, Brazil vs Switzerland and Germany vs Mexico. We discuss our scariest moments in a vehicle and interesting engineering covers a midnight club racer in a diminutive stature.

MotorCult Studio

On this episode of the MotorCult podcast, we welcome Charles “Spaz” Miller to talk racing, and ownership of a V10 Volkswagen Touareg as a daily driver. Charles has a background in road course racing his Mitsubishi Evolution 9 and recounts his experience at Gridlife, a massive track day in Michigan.


In news, we cover the end of production for the Alfa Romeo 4C Hardtop in lieu of continuing the model as a convertible only. Tesla finally hits their 5,000 unit per week goal, of course with a list of caveats but we’re still rooting for them.

As for our normal shenanigans we review Third Street Brewing Minnesota Gold lager, come up with the fabulous idea of a cruise control only racing and we discuss our scariest moments while motoring.


The World Cup of Cars continues with Costa Rica’s GM Amigo vs Croatia’s Yugo GVX. Brazil’s Puma GTI vs Switzerland’s Monteverdi High Speed 375 and Germany’s frankly anything vs Mexico’s Mastretta MXT. At least Germany is winning the world cup of cars instead of being a first round knockout.

re amemiya mazda chantez

Our interesting engineering topic is not a single OEM technology as usual but rather a custom built car. Rotary tuner RE-Amemiya’s first car build, the Mazda Chantez, a Mid-Night Club Wangan terror in diminutive size.

Check out the link below for the SoundCloud podcast otherwise find us on YouTube and iTunes.

Motorcult Episode 29

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